Useful links on Walter Benjamin

Stanford Encyclopeadia of Philosophy – Benjamin site (English)

Walter-Benjamin-Berlin site (German) – website with a quite extensive bibliography of Walter Benjamin’s works, and of secondary literature in German, English, French and Italian.

The Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate (English) – “an on-line research resource for individuals interested in the writings and the ongoing critical theory of Walter Benjamin”, very good secondary source, last updated in 2008.

Walter Benjamin Archives at Academy of Arts Berlin (English)

Walter Benjamin Portbou (Catalan, Spanish, English) – website focused on last moments of Benjamin’s life in Portbou, and on artistic projects interpreting Benjamin’s theory and influence.

Writers Reference: Walter Benjamin at (English)

Walter Benjamin’s Voice (English) – a review of a new book Radio Benjamin which is a translated collection of scripts of radio broadcasts Benjamin was a presenter and author of.

Atlas Walter Benjamin (Spanish) – project collecting and collating quotes from Walter Benjamin works in Spanish with pictures or photos, accompanied by an index of concepts, terms and names.

Walter Benjamin texts on (German) – this website offers online original German texts like: Illuminationen (Auswahl), Ursprung des deutschen Trauerspiels, Das Kunstwerk im Zeitalter seiner technischen Reproduzierbarkeit, and biography of Walter Benjamin.

Gesammelte Schriften on (texts in German)

Walter Benjamin Bibliography of German texts  on (German)

Walter Benjamin on dialectique website (French) – bibliography ( oeuvre in French) and biography

Walter Benjamin – France Culture Radio  (French) – collection of broadcasts about Walter Benjamin
The Benjamin Project – an introduction by Nitzan Leibovic to series of articles on Benjamin in the context of recently published new biography, the introduction partially printed also here.

General text on aura with reference to Benjamin and context of other theoretical works can be found here from University of Chicago. An interesting and provocative text on aura and authenticity in ceasefire magazine by Andrew Robinson can be found here. And a more summary/literary reviews of Benjaminian aura as term can be found: here on the Media Studies Repository blog; here on the semantic scholar website; here on The Cultural Reader.

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